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ClearWater, the original WTL approved below ground water recycling system, now in its 13th Year with hundreds of systems supplied throughout Europe and the USA!

ClearWater installation at Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club
A recent “turnkey” installation at
Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club

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ClearWater – you don’t have to see it
to know how good it really is!

ClearWater washpad recycling system

A ClearWater system at Hexham Golf Club
Hexham Golf Club reduced
installation costs by
upgrading an existing wash pad
WTL Authorised User - select for a larger view


ClearWater is officially approved as a water saving technology and has been since 01 March 2008. As a  WTL approved item, purchasers of ClearWater systems in the UK can write off 100 per cent of the cost of a complete installation against taxable profits in the year of purchase under the ECA Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. Many have reaped the benefits of this as it can bring significant financial savings and reduce your business' impact on the environment.

Yet more reasons to choose ClearWater.

ClearWater - the effective, low cost, washpad water recycling system for greenkeeping, grounds maintenance, small plant, machinery and vehicle wash-off areas

A must for those subject to Drought Orders!
(Water Recycling is exempt)

Probably the most cost-effective solution to washpad water recycling, water conservation and compliance with anti-pollution legislation, e.g. The Groundwater (England and Wales) Regulations 2009, The Water Environment (Groundwater and Priority Substances) (Scotland) Regulations 2009 and the EU Water Framework Directive   

ClearWater – fully compliant and approved – watch the video to see how effective ClearWater is.

ClearWater system at English Heritage Brodsworth Hall Impressive wash-off with a ClearWater
system at English Heritage Brodsworth Hall

ClearWater is a silent, below-ground (safely out of sight) biological washdown water treatment and recycling system comprising tried and tested components utilising harmless micro-organisms to clean contaminated water from washdown areas. Requiring minimum maintenance and with exceptionally low running costs, each system offers performance and real value for money.

Washdown water may contain mud, grass clippings, oils, greases, fuels, pesticides and herbicides. Our system and harmless micro-organisms turn this toxic environment into clean water for re-use on the washdown pad, or it can be used to supply water features such as lakes or streams, without harm to wildlife.

Why go for a ClearWater system?

Established in 1967, we have many years experience supplying and fitting oil interceptors, washdown areas and sewage treatment plants. ClearWater was a natural progression for us as demand for a system to meet the requirements of current legislation and prevent pollution grew and water conservation became an issue. ClearWater offers you a biological washdown water recycling system that is:

Safely below ground, ClearWater systems can usually be used all year round Safely below ground, ClearWater
systems can usually be used
all year round, as here at
Elsham Golf Club

Wireless interceptor alarm
Oil Warning Alarm is installed
Waterproof electric box
Typical wall-mounted electric box
Automatic shut-off valve
Auto Shut-off Valve and
Coalescing Filter

What do I get?

The systems comprise purpose designed, compartmentalised tanks. These are leak free, corrosion resistant and are installed below ground (all you can see are the turret tops!). These tanks are fully guaranteed for 12 months following system commissioning and an annual inspection / service is offered. Each tank has various components fitted to complete the system, ensuring complete aeration throughout and effective operation. The total storage capacity in the standard system is 5000 litres of water allowing ample time for biological treatment.

Beversbrook Sports Facility
Beversbrook Sports Facility
ClearWater system with upgraded
ClearWater system with upgraded
washpad at Beau Desert Golf Club
Forest Pines second ClearWater
Forest Pines second ClearWater
system and Fuel Station

How does it work?

Contaminated wash-off water flows from a purpose-built wash pad through a Primary Filter and then the Grass Trap/Sand filter, (both of which remove most solid matter) and enters the underground tank. Micro-organisms then break down the contaminants in the oxygen-rich environment, producing clean water and carbon dioxide. Water then passes through a large coalescing filter to the secondary storage for settling of any suspended solids remaining in the now clean water. The clean water passes to final storage and is fed by powerful, submersible pump/s to water gun/s for effective wash-off. This wash-water then returns into the system for treatment.

For larger washpads where quantities of mud may be present, we recommend the installation of one of our large Silt Traps (pictured below).

ClearWater large silt trap
Large silt trip
The primary filter

Squeegee in use
NEW Galvanized Grass Trap and Primary Filter
NEW Galvanized Grass Trap and Primary Filter

What about running costs?

We believe that buying a ClearWater Washpad Water Recycling System with full installation, commissioning and pad build will be a sound investment. Not only will you have an attractively priced system but one that blends with the environment. Running and maintenance costs are important however. With few moving parts and less to go wrong than other maintenance costs are minimal.

An inexpensive annual maintenance fee is charged each year and one of our trained engineers visits to inspect and service the system, renewing filter and any other necessary parts. (Inspection and servicing is available for most tanks [fuel, water, etc.], separators etc. - please ask.)

A full 12 month’s warranty (parts and labour) is supplied with each new system. Check if others offer such a comprehensive warranty and what their charges are!

Our micro-organisms have been produced specifically and exclusively for our systems for the work you are carrying out,  i.e. washing down grass cutting machinery with all the contaminants (oil, grease, petrol, diesel and, not forgetting...grass!) Our micro-organism prices, however, are not expensive! far cheaper than some on the market!)

A ClearWater system uses less electricity than other similar systems, keeping your costs down.  

Yet more reasons to go for ClearWater!

ClearWater – three options to compliance and water saving:
1) Full “turnkey” package including washpad build.
2) Modified "turnkey" package where an upgrade to existing pad is possible – reduces costs!
3) "Self-install" package. We deliver the system, you install and build the washpad, we commission – reduces costs even further!

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We offer complete flexibility with ClearWater. We can supply and install bunded diesel fuel stations, fertiliser mixing tanks, petrol and chemical storage, extra electrics for additional equipment - in fact, a complete turnkey package!

Holme Hall Golf Club with
Holme Hall Golf Club with
bunded diesel tank
Pollution Prevention Area with ClearWater
Pollution Prevention Area with ClearWater
system and Fuel Point at
Sitwell Park Golf Club
100-litre barrow with drainage
100-litre clippings barrow
with drainage. Keep one on your pad
to allow drainings back into the system

Don't waste water or risk prosecution - install a ClearWater system, recycling water from your wash bay for much less than you thought!

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